Wedding of the Year

Laughter in the Aisles..!

What's it about?

The plus size and dowdy Alison has reached her late twenties and is more interested in biscuits and sandwiches than finding a boyfriend. Her worried mother Ethel is at her wits end and Ethel’s friend Peggy is quick to gloat.
But Alison’s Uncle Frank has the solution – enter her into the local newspaper’s Wedding of the Year competition. The church is booked, the reception planned, the dress is made – the only problem is there are just six weeks to go and still no groom.
Enter a loving grandmother, a celebrity dress designer, a couple of eccentric maiden aunts and a despairing neighbour Walter and his hapless son Melvyn, who destroys most things he touches.
You have all the ingredients for a funny comedy piece.

This amateur production of “Wedding of the Year” is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH LTD a Concord Theatricals Company.

Story By:

Norman Robbins

Directed By:

Len Reid

Want to get involved?

Wedding of the Year
As a follow up to my debut direction of Pull the Other One” in 2017, NFP have allowed me to direct my second play in April 2020 which is called “Wedding of the Year” written by Norman Robbins.
As I am involved with the January 2020 Pantomime, I have provisionally put together my backstage team and am organising auditions for the play in November 2019. This will allow the selected cast to have a few weeks to familiarise themselves with the script and character so we can start the rehearsals in early January 2020.

Audition Information
Date 19th November 2019
Time 7.00pm Venue
Dining room, Ballard School, New Milton

Included with the audition pack will be the script page extracts we will be exploring during the auditions. We do not expect you to learn the dialogue but please familiarise yourself with the characters and the action of the scenes.
Casting Information
The play has a approximate running time of 120 minutes; containing two acts with two scenes in each act and a company of ten actors.
There will be a twenty minute, break between the two acts.

Female 50’s
Widow, neatly dressed and Alison’s Mother

Female 50’s
Friend of Ethel, elegantly dressed and a snob

Male 50’s
Widower neighbour, casual dress and father of Melvyn

Male 30/40’s
Smart and stepbrother of Ethel

Female 25/30’s
Plus size and dowdy, plain dresser with spectacles and long straight hair. (We can make you look like this).

Female 60/70’s
Old spinster, dresses like a wax figure from the 1905 era. Ethel’s Aunt. Sister is Matilda

Female 60/70’s
Old spinster, dresses like a wax figure from the 1905 era. Ethel’s Aunt. Sister is Honoria

Male 25/30’s
Neighbour, untidy and a bit thick, likes inventing things and son of Walter

Male 30’s
Fashion designer, dressed as a English equivalent of Yves St Laurent

Female 70’s
Hard of hearing, old fashioned Grandmother of Alison

  • Audition

    19/11/2019 @ 7.00pm