Puss In Boots

a traditional family pantomime!

What's it about?

Following on from last year’s sell-out production of “Beauty and the Beast”, The New Forest Players are once again venturing into the magical world of Pantomime, with their performance of “Puss in Boots” by Ben Crocker.
Jack the Miller’s son has just inherited a cat. But this cat is no ordinary feline, and with the help of a charming fairy, Puss in Boots develops the power of speech. Soon Puss helps our humble hero, Jack, on his way to fame and fortune. However, between Jack and fortune lies a terrible ogre, a wicked fairy,
Jack’s bumbling, not-too-bright, brothers, as well as some rather large rabbits,not to mention a King and Queen in search of a wealthy son-in-law. All of which makes for hilarity, hijinks and maybe just a little romance.
Join us for this fast moving traditional family pantomime, once again performed at the New Milton Memorial Centre, 3rd-6th January 2019.

Story By:

Ben Crocker

Directed By:

Sarah Haberfield

Want to get involved?

Puss In Boots
A traditional style family pantomime
Written by Ben Crocker
Directed by Sarah Haberfield
Performance dates : 3rd – 6th January
If you would like a copy of the script emailed to you, please contact Sarah sarah.haberfield@hotmail.co.uk
But please be aware that there will be some changes made to it!
Sunday 9th September 5pm Ballard PAC Pre-Audition meeting/Read-through
Tuesday 11th September from 6.30pm Ballard (room tbc) Audition Chorus and Principals
Rehearsals will be Sundays at 5pm and Tuesdays at 7pm although not everyone is required at all rehearsals (mainly Chorus on Sundays and Principals on Tuesdays).
If you are interested in taking part in this year’s pantomime, please make sure you attend the pre-audition meeting. If you are under 16, then a parent or guardian also needs to attend. This is an opportunity to find out what you will be required to do at the audition and what the expectations will be should you be in the show. We will also have a read-through of the script for anyone who would like to stay on after the meeting.

Producer and Props: Len Reid
Stage Managers : Matt Allum and Ann Ramm
Musical Director : Lee Redwood
Choreographer : Tina Fagan
Costumes : Judy Anders and Polly Glyde


PERNICIA Her sister. A BAD fairy. Aka Patricia.

LOUIS The Royal Page. (Currently called “Bobbie” in the script!)

JASPER The Miller’s son. Not the sharpest tool in the box.

JETHRO Also the Miller’s son. Even less sharp.

BABS A village girl. In love with Jasper.

BETTY A village girl. In love with Jethro.

MIME PUSS Puss’s silent self. Without boots. (Might be same actor as Puss)

JACK The Miller’s stepson. Principal Boy.

ESMERELDA Principal Girl.




PUSS IN BOOTS Puss’s talking self. With boots.

MR WIGGLENOSE } Killer Rabbits. Cameo Roles.

MILLIE The Princess’s maid. A smaller role.

PHOEBE Priscilla’s daughter. A child. Non-speaking.

CHORUS as Villagers, Courtiers, Servants, Woodland Animals, Ogre’s Guards and Servants, a Lion etc etc.

  • Pre-Audition meeting

    9/9/2018 @ 5pm

  • Audition

    11/9/2018 @ 7pm