Pardon Me Prime Minister

A very British farce...

What's it about?

The prime minister, the Rt. Hon George Venables MP, is about to make an important broadcast to the nation announcing his government’s punitive budget on all forms of amusement and entertainment, an essential measure to restore national morality and pride, currently very much lacking throughout the country. However, a few skeletons are about to come out of the cupboard as he and his dour chancellor, the Rt. Hon Hector Crammond MP face the fall-out of numerous unexpected revelations. The result is utter mayhem as you would expect in the best tradition of a British farce. Pardon Me Prime Minister offers plenty of laughs, lots of action and so many twists in the plot you will wonder how can things possibly be resolved!

This amateur production of “Pardon Me Prime Minister” is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH LTD a Concord Theatricals Company.

Story By:

E Taylor & J Graham

Directed By:

Janet Courtice

Want to get involved?

We are treating our audiences to a classic British farce for the NFP October production to be performed 28th -31st October.

Hopefully the synopsis above   will encourage you to come along and read the play on date tba. Auditions will follow on date tba and then we can get
cracking! Rehearsals will be mostly Mondays and Wednesdays. The cast make-up is
5 female and 3 male roles, plus one extra man who comes on right at the end and has 3 lines to learn!!! They are “Evening all”, “A Private Detective” and “A Breakthrough”
Obviously a man of few words! For the rest it is a roller-coaster ride at a frantic speed:-


The prime minister, the Rt. Hon. George Venables, MP, distinguished 50-60 playing age.

Rodney Campbell, the prime minister’s smart, deferential parliamentary private secretary,
20-30 playing age

The Rt. Hon Hector Crammond, MP, irascible Scottish chancellor of the exchequer,
50-60’s playing age

Miss Frobisher, Hector’s secretary – on the face of it rather drab and formal, like her boss, but is not all she seems, 25-30’s playing age

Sybil Venables, the prime minister’s wife, sweet, busy in her own world, oblivious to the
business of politics, teases George and Hector for being so serious, 50-60 playing age

Shirley Springer, attractive, cheerful, seems a little naïve, works in a nightclub called the
‘Libido’, obviously nothing to do with politics, playing age 20-25

Jane Rotherbrook, good looking political reporter preparing an article on life at No. 10,
efficient, probing, 30-40 playing age

Dora Springer, Shirley’s mum, glamorous in a brash sort of way, with yet another surprise
for the hapless prime minister, 40-50 playing age

This gives you a rough idea of the cast. Playing ages are only a guideline. The key is to
get the balance of ages right to match the story-line. I’m really looking forward to directing
this play. It will be a lot of hard work, but great fun. For more information contact the Director