Number 60 to the Somme

Honouring the 100th Anniversary of the Armistice

What's it about?

In October, The New Forest Players will be honoring the hundredth anniversary of The Armistice and all those who served at home and on the front with a production of Number 60 to the Somme, a completely new Great War story with wonderful Edwardian music hall songs by Greg Mosse & Carol Godsmark.

It is a funny, inventive and touching play-with-songs in two acts – a completely fresh angle on the 1914-18 conflict.

Story By:

Greg Mosse & Carol Godsmark

Directed By:

Clive Rigden

Want to get involved?

The Great War was an extraordinary mobilisation of men, women, animals and machines. Over 1500 B-Type buses – open-topped, steel-wheeled, solid & dependable – were despatched to serve in Belgium and France. The London bus drivers went too and their vehicles became troop transports, mobile hospitals, pigeon lofts – they were put to any and every perilous use on the rough roads and tracks.

Number 60 to the Somme is the story of one such bus and one such driver, Jim Swift, together with his family and friends on the home front and his comrades & enemies in the front line.  It illustrates the comedy, tragedy and astonishing fortitude of this terrible conflict and while entertaining us, serves to honour all those who suffered or gave their lives for peace and freedom – whether at home or at war.

Audition will be on 21st June at 7.30pm at the Performing Arts Centre, Ballard School,Fernhill Lane
New Milton,Hampshire,BH25 5SU. Please contact the Director, Clive Rigden, for further details via email: or phone 01425 611613

  • Audition

    21/6/2018 @ 7.30pm