Intent to Murder

What's it about?

Within minutes of the opening of this play, we are plunged into the middle of an explosive situation. Janet Preston, a well-known authoress who lives alone in a remote cottage on the Yorkshire Moors, has killed her husband, a complete rogue and criminal on the run. Before she can get rid of the body, she is confronted by his accomplice George, who blackmails her into agreeing to pass him off as the dead man until such time as he can make a getaway. The events that follow are full of twists and excitement and the unexpected denouement skilfully reconciles the audience’s sympathies and sense of involvement with a demand for justice.

This amateur production  is presented by arrangement with Josef Weinberger Ltd.

Story By:

Leslie Sands

Directed By:

Wendy Beaumont

Want to get involved?

This is a quite absorbing and exciting thriller with many tense moments interspersed by some quiet and natural comedy. There are six characters all excellently written. It is not a ‘who done it’ because you know the answer to that very early on, the question is will they get away with it!!
It is set in Yorkshire but not all the characters require accents.
If you would like to find out more or see a copy of the script contact Wendy
The Cast

Janet Preston – 45+ A writer of novels. The female lead. Capable of a changing persona.

George – 45+ The male lead, a fairly unpleasant character.

Mr Henderson – 55+ The local vet. Slightly bumbling character.

Chris – Younger woman (Janet’s Secretary).

Larry – Boyfriend of Chris whom Janet tries to seduce.

Mrs Bunting – Elderly lady housekeeper with a Yorkshire accent. Only appears in Act 3.

Auditions on Wednesday 9th October 7.30 Dining Room at Ballard School.
Please let Wendy know if you want to audition and can’t make the date.

  • Audition

    9/10/2019 @ 7:30pm