Club Nights & Events

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September Club Night 26/9/2019 @ 7.30pm

  • ‘Happy Birthday Me’ One Act Play Directed by Robin Ede.

    The story is about Margot`s BIG birthday. All she wanted was a bottle of Claret and a
    couple of winners at Sandown. Instead retired actress Margot Buchanan receives three
    separate visitors: Her ex-husband Leo, an ageing film star fresh from a punch up with a
    reporter, Leo`s current wife Judy, and his latest mistress Sadie, an aspiring Juliet seeking
    Margot`s acting advice. Well you can imagine that the inevitable fireworks will brighten up
    this play!
    It will be the main event of the evening and will be a little different to usual as it will
    commence at 7.45pm after a short musical interlude
    You are welcome to bring some snacks and drinks, there will also be a bar before and
    after this event.
    Also good news for the ‘slightly hard of hearing’, we will be trialing a microphone system
    which may then be used on other occasions at other venues.
    Do come along and enjoy what will be a ‘Happy Play’ with a beginning, a middle and an
    end and go away with a smile on your face.
    If time this will be followed by an entertaining/fun game.