Club Nights & Events

a great way to get to know the NFP...everyone is welcome!

Open Evening 24/6/2021 @ 7.30pm

  • Open Evening

    An evening for potential new members to find out more about the club.

    Details TBA.

September Club Night 23/9/2021 @ 7.30pm

  • The Worst Day of My Life

    A 1 act read play called “The Worst Day of My Life”
    by Alan Richardson. Directed by Len Reid

    Charlie Brown’s day in hospital begins very well. His devoted wife is at his bedside; a
    pretty young nurse is caring for him, a scene of conjugal bliss, that is until another female
    visitor arrives.
    When she reveals that she is also Mrs Brown, Charlie’s got some explaining to do.
    As his previously secret life is hilariously disentangled a third female visitor arrives, also
    claiming to be Mrs Brown.You’d think Charlie’s day couldn’t get much worse – but it does!!